Website Migration for WheelerShip

Elevating WheelerShip's e-commerce platform to new heights of user engagement and operational efficiency

WheelerShip's E-Commerce Triumph: Doubling Mobile Conversions

WheelerShip's e-commerce landscape has undergone a revolutionary transformation with Gooda's strategic design and frontend optimization.

Goodahead was approached by WheelerShip in 2018 to improve their e-commerce site's conversion rate and resolve issues related to sluggish development and stagnant feature updates. The Wheelership team requested a project overhaul, including improved performance, enhanced functionality, and website redesign.

The aspect of our company that our partner appreciates the most is...

“Accessibility, availability, communication, positive attitudes, responsiveness, willingness to go above and beyond, true sense of partnership, overcoming adversity, organization, our team, senses of humour“

Kate Cannova, Chief Business Officer

Meeting Demands of Wholesale Customers with REST API Integratio

In response to the increasing need for efficient wholesale operations, Goodahead built a Wholesale API system designed to offer larger wholesalers a smooth and effective means of account management, order placement, and transaction handling, all facilitated through a user-friendly API interface.

Given the extensive product range and substantial customer base, our partners encountered difficulties in efficiently managing wholesale orders while delivering personalized services. By integrating REST API functionality into a Magento-based e-commerce platform, wholesale customers were empowered to effortlessly place orders, manage accounts, and tailor email communications to their preferences.

Solution Overview: Wholesale Customers REST API Integration

Orders Placement through API:

Challenge: Wholesale customers required a streamlined process to check product availability, confirm pricing, and place orders efficiently.


  • API Development
    Our team developed a dedicated REST API endpoint within the Magento platform, allowing wholesale customers to interact with the system programmatically.
  • Order Management Features
    he API enabled wholesale customers to retrieve real-time product availability, view wholesale pricing, and place orders directly from their internal systems or custom applications.

Result: With the new API integration, wholesale customers are now able to handle thousands of transactions quickly and efficiently. This led to improved order accuracy and faster order processing duration.

Customer Account Management by Customer Service Workers from Magento Admin Panel:

Challenge: Customer service representatives required a centralized platform to efficiently manage wholesale accounts and access information.


  • Magento Admin Panel Integration
    We extended the Magento admin panel to include dedicated sections for wholesale customer management, enabling customer service workers to view and manage wholesale accounts seamlessly.
  • Customizable Account Settings
    Customer service workers could update account information, manage addresses, and access order history on behalf of wholesale customers directly from the Magento admin panel.

Result: The integrated account management system empowered customer service representatives to efficiently provide good-quality support to wholesale customers, ensuring greater control and flexibility in operating accounts. This enhanced level of service fostered long-term loyalty and satisfaction among wholesale clients.

Email Management:

Challenge: Wholesale customers required customizable email communications to meet their specific business needs.


  • Email Configuration Options
    We implemented a customizable email management feature within the Magento platform, allowing wholesale customers to set up different email addresses for various communication types, such as order confirmations, invoices, and shipment notifications.

Result: The built email management feature allowed wholesale customers to tailor communication preferences to their unique requirements.

Driving Success: Enhancing Wholesale Experience and Driving Growth

Through the successful implementation of REST API integration on Magento, our client was able to elevate the wholesale experience and drive business growth. Wholesale customers benefited from streamlined order placement processes, centralized account management capabilities, and customizable email communications, resulting in improved operational efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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