Website Migration for Keskisenkello

A full e-commerce overhaul for Finland's leading online watch retailer.

Elevating Keskisenkello with Goodahead's Strategic E-Commerce Overhaul.

The strategic transition of Keskisenkello from Viskan to Magento 1, and ultimately to Magento 2, marked a significant leap in website functionality, performance, and scalability. Custom modules such as 'Engraving' and 'Gift Cart', coupled with integrations like nShift Delivery Checkout (NDC), Odoo ERP, and AlgoliaSearch, not only enhanced the user experience but also tripled revenue, cementing market dominance.

Customized Solutions and Seamless Integrations:
  • Innovative Modules
    Engraving' and 'Gift Cart' modules personalized the shopping experience
  • Strategic Integrations
    DNDC, Odoo ERP, and AlgoliaSearch optimized operations and search capabilities.

Following this e-commerce revolution, we introduced an AI-driven chatbot, transforming customer service into an area of competitive advantage.

  • Real-Time Engagement
    Immediate response to customer inquiries, ensuring no question goes unnoticed.
  • Swift Resolution
    Drastically reduced response times, leading to greater customer satisfaction.
  • Accurate Assistance
    High precision in understanding and addressing customer needs.
  • 24/7 Availabilitys
    Uninterrupted support, showcasing our commitment to customer care.

This smart conversational agent has not just upgraded the customer interaction but has also achieved remarkable improvements in our KPIs:

  • Customer Wait Time
    Cut by over 50%, reflecting our dedication to efficient service.
  • Customer Satisfaction Score
    Boosted by 30%, mirroring increased happiness with our services.
  • Support Availability
    Maintained at 100%, demonstrating our promise of constant availability.
  • Query Resolution Rate
    Enhanced by 40%, proving the bot's effectiveness in resolving issues.

Embrace the future of customer service with Goodahead's pioneering AI chatbot — a tool where every interaction is a step towards excellence.

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